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We Jackets Design are offering an affiliate partnership to all Bloggers, YouTubers, TikTok and Instagram influencers and all the persons who want to earn money and grow with us. Our doors are open to everybody, it doesn’t matters where are you from. You can earn money by promoting our products from anywhere in the world.

How it works?

We are the expert Letterman Varsity Bomber Jacket makers and we have almost 500+ products in our products categories. Also, we add almost 10-30 products every single day. Not only that, we have Jackets related to Celebrities, Singers/Rappers, Movies, TV Show Characters’, Sports, Video Games, and Other General Categories.

So, if you have a Blog or Website or YouTube Channel or TikTok Account or Instagram related to the categories we have mentioned above than you are qualified to promote our products on your platforms. If you are a single guy who don’t have anything from this list, don’t worry you can still earn a handsome amount by promoting our products in your Community or any social platform like Facebook Groups or Reddit.

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So, what you have to do to earn money from our platform? you just have to fill the given registration request form below to become an affiliate partner with our website.

After filling and submitting the registration form you will receive a confirmation email for your affiliate request and within 24 hours (business day) we will review your details and if we approve your account, you will get a congratulations email from our site. After that you can login to your affiliate account at our site and start promoting our products.

Why choose us?


90 Days Cookie Duration

If someone land on our site by your affiliate link and doesn't buy anything at that time, but he/she buys within 90 days days. You will still get your commission.

Ten Percent

10% Commission On Every Sale

You will get 10% commission on every qualified sale you made. Our products are starting from $100 which means you can earn minimum up to $10 on every sale


You Can Promote From Anywhere

We have multiple withdrawal methods for everyone like PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Bank Deposit. So, you can promote our products from anywhere in the world.


$0 Threshold Amount

We don't have set any minimum threshold amount for our affiliates. Which means, if you earned only $10, you can withdraw that $10 after 21 days of purchase.


You Can Track Your Progress

After registration you will get everything what every affiliate needs like link shortener, tracking conversions, clicks, commission status paid/unpaid, visitors etc.


Doesn't Need Website To Promote

Our platform is open for everyone. Which means if you don't have a website. You can promote our products via TikTok, YouTube, FB, or Instagram too.

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Registration Form

Terms and Conditions

We offer coupons codes to our customers to get $10 off. So if the amount of any product we have is $129 but our customers apply coupon codes and after apply coupon it deducts to 119. You will get the commission on $119 not on $129. This condition will also apply to our future coupon codes too.

  • If any customer who purchased anything from us via your affiliate link, refunds us. You will not get your commission. It will not consider a valid purchase.
  • Commission Percentage: We are offering 10% on every successful sale but if you have a website, to get 10% on every sale you must have to give us some extra support. To know more about it, contact us
  • If somehow you give a referral link to someone and they buy via your link but that conversion is not showing in our affiliate dashboard or in your affiliate dashboard. You will not get paid until and unless you have proved that this conversion is made by you. Although, this is not often happens but if some how, this type of situation happens, then you must have to proved your conversion.
  • Technical Issue: This is a very rare situation and never ever happens till now, and it’s probability is almost 2% but we have written it in advance.

    Whenever, due to the upgrading our system process, or making any change on our site, if we find any bug or face any issue in our affiliate software and due to that bug or issue we or you have lost your records and commissions history and status. We will give you only the commissions that are confirmed as per our current records.

  • You can withdraw whatever you have earned. It doesn’t matter how much, if you have earned only $10 you can request withdrawal amount but after 21 days. The counting of 21 days will start from the date of purchase.
  • We are offering multiple withdrawal methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and Bank Transfer.

Any Question? Contact Us

We are here and ready to answer your every question. Feel free to ask anything via submitting the contact us form or emailing us at

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