We strongly recommend our customers to read our terms and conditions carefully before placing any type of order. By placing any type of order including custom jackets order and wholesale orders you will accept our terms and conditions automatically. In other words, if you place any type of order on our site it will be evidence that you have read and agreed on these terms and conditions whether or not you have read or not. Also, we reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone, whether or not they have read and agreed to these terms and conditions. We highly recommend that you must have to read our returns exchange and refund policies here.

How We Work

We will use our best endeavors to ensure the accuracy of any product information we provide. You see many different types of products in our catalog in the form of images from celebrities, movies, TV series, and many other categories. Whenever any person places an order on our site, he/she will get the confirmation email in his/her inbox and we receive his or her product details (size, gender, color, material, etc.) with the payment he/she paid. In case, if he/she does not get any confirmation email within 24 hours of placing an order, he/she contacts us as soon as possible. After getting the order, we process his order with the provided details (size, gender, material, color, etc.). It takes almost 3 days to complete the manufacturing process and then after manufacturing, we ship to the provided address via DHL, UPS, or FedEx.

Terms and Conditions For Order Cancellation

The request for cancellation of your order will only be accepted upon conditions declared below:

  • If you cancel your order immediately within 12 hours after placing an order, you will get a 100% full refund from us.
  • If you request the cancellation of your order within 3 days, you will get 80% of the amount you paid for your order.
  • If you request the cancellation of your order within 7 days, we will deduct 30% from your paid amount and you will get 70% of the amount for your order.
  • No cancellation will be accepted from our side if you place a cancellation request after 7 days from the date of placing that order. This means you will not get any amount of that order back.
  • In case of requesting the size change, you must request us within 24 hours of purchase to change the size of the jacket you ordered. After 24 hours, we will charge you an additional 30% of the total amount to change the size of the product.

Terms and Conditions For Return, Refund, or Exchange

  • If we have to pay additional customs duties or any kind of tax from your country or state. We will deduct that amount from your account.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product and want your money back then you must have to keep our product safe and unused. If you used the product or any sort of damage occurred with the product we will not refund you.
  • We will not accept returns and refunds after 30 days of purchase.
  • If you got sizing issues, in this case, you may not get a full refund and will get only an exchange offer. You should contact us about this issue at info@jacketsdesign.com or via the return and exchange form.

Some Other Situations You Should Know About

Not the Same as The Image I Saw

We already mentioned above all the jackets we sell are not manufactured in advance, we manufacture every jacket after receiving the order. So, it is 100% possible to have some changes in the final product you receive. It is true that we are professional jacket manufacturers for many years, we have manufactured and sold lots of jackets all around the world. And we do our best every time to manufacture the best product for your 100% satisfaction. But it is also true that we are humans too, every image of a jacket you see in our catalog has different angles and shades. Because we sell movies, TV series, celebrities’ jackets too.

So, all the images are taken from different scenes and different angles with different shades. Some of them may have dark photos and some of them have sunlight on them which changes the colors of that jacket. So you may see some differences in the actual product you have in your hand and the image you saw on our site. In this case, if you are not satisfied with the product, we may not refund or refund partially or give you a full refund, it depends. You should contact us about this issue at info@jacketsdesign.com or via the return and exchange form.

Material or Color Has Some Differences as Compare To The Image

I think the color or material of the jacket I received has some changes

We always do our best to replicate 100% the same image of the jacket in every aspect. But yes, it is possible to see some differences in the fabric or color of that fabric. In this case, we may not refund or refund partially or give you a full refund, it depends. You should contact us about this issue at info@jacketsdesign.com or via the contact us form, and we will discuss it.

Shipping Charges Non-Refundable

You already know we offer worldwide free shipping to our valued customers. But it does not mean that we do not have to pay shipping fees to the courier companies like DHL, UPS, or FedEx. We have to pay almost around 30 USD for every jacket to ship. And these courier companies never refund us any money. So, every time whenever we have to give you your money back, we always deduct $30 from your order’s amount. But at least you should contact us about it.

Shipping Charges For Returns

If you are eligible to return and refund according to our terms and conditions and you want to return. You must have to pay the cost of shipping from your side to us. But you should contact us about this issue at info@jacketsdesign.com or via the return and exchange form and we will discuss it.

The Product Has Lost, I Have Not Received My Order

Jackets Design always uses trustworthy courier companies like DHL, UPS, or FedEx. So, the probability of losing products is very low. But in case, you never receive your parcel you should contact us. If the courier company also marks your order as “Lost” then we will send you another item. But, if the courier company marks your order as “Delivered or Received” and you lost it from your doorstep or someone stole it from your doorstep, in this case, we will not responsible and will not send you another item.

You Are Always Safe With Us

The first thing to know about Jackets Design is that we are committed to your safety and privacy. We never store your information without your permission. We use the latest in online payment methods that are safer than traditional forms of payment. Our payment methods are: Visa & Master Card, American Express, PayPal, Stripe, and Square. Our payment methods are also more secure than other forms of payment because they use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to keep your information safe and secure on the internet. So shop more, think less!